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“I have the pleasure of helping hundreds of PT practice owners nationwide attract more new patients and make marketing easy. I owned a successful PT practice with my wife Amy from 2002-2010. After completing many business and marketing courses, I was able to apply and develop successful marketing techniques in my practice. This quadrupled the size of our practice! Take time to read and implement the sound physical therapy marketing strategies in the PT Owner’s Guide to using Social Media. If you do, the sky is the limit in your practice expansion. I know you’ll find helpful!
Neil Trickett, PT
Long-time Practice Owner, and the
Founder/CEO of Practice Promotions.

Stop looking. Start getting found.


Are you tired of the daily fight against POPTS, hospital systems, and competitors jumping into your practice’s territory? The silver bullet that will put you in direct control of your professional and personal destiny, is knowing the science and art of marketing. Imagine, being able to control the volume of new patients into your practice, creating a raving fan base, and driving in tons of referred patients without having to buy lunches for the local doctors. Finally, YOU can be in control of your practice growth and income. I encourage you to jump into this book, read it front to back, then back to front, implement the strategies, and boom your business.


In this guide you will learn helpful tips that are proven to drive more new patients in your door. Whether you are a small practice or a large multi-location practice, the goal is to cast yourselves as the experts, creating maximum value in your services and keeping your practice full of patients...
and start drivving more
patients today!