Email Marketing and Lead Generation System

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Custom Email Marketing Campaigns Convert More Leads Into Customers

Having the opportunity to capture new leads through your website and patient newsletters is critical to build your prospect list and beginning to engage with them. Our Lead Generation System offers you a turn-key solution to email marketing with landing pages, lead magnets, and follow-up email campaigns right out of the box.

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Ebook Lead Magnets

  • Specific condition ebooks designed to engage and draw leads to connect with you
  • Use lead magnets in multiple ways including on your website, email and direct mail patient newsletters
  • Free downloads offer value to your website visitors and taking an important first step of contacting your office

PT Designed Landing Pages

  • Funnel visitors to your lead magnets through landing pages designed to capture the lead through multiple methods
  • Great for use with direct mail, print and outside offers to flow to a landing page on your website
  • Each page is customized with your info, logo and colors

Website Leadboxes

  • Designed to create a quick signup for your lead magnets directly on your website
  • Studies show that 2 factor leadboxes are one of the most effective ways to capture new leads

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