Practice Newsletter System 2.0

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Staying on the minds of your past and current patients, is one of the hallmarks of a successful practice. The bigger your customer base becomes and the more times they use your services, the faster your PT practice will grow. Patient newsletters are a proven way to make this happen. Our custom written and designed physical therapy newsletters ensure your practice looks amazing and gets your content distributed.

Custom Patient Newsletters

  • Custom designed for your practice logo, colors and information
  • We help write your custom information and stories
  • Promote workshops and special events
  • Every month is a different important theme
  • Showcase your patient stories, testmonial and successes

Digital Newsletters

Print and Direct Mail Newsletters

Isn’t direct mail dead? Why should I print and mail my patient newsletter?

Direct mail is far from dead, in fact it is still the highest performing media in terms of conversions. You can’t beat the feel and readability of a physical patient newsletter. When you can reach your patient audience across email, social, print and direct mail, you have the most powerful combination to get in front of those people for engagement.

Our newsletters are designed to look the best for print and digital

Instead of a watered down email newsletter, our newsletters make your practice look amazing in print and digital. Unlike any other format out there, your newsletters will attract the most attention. Some of our clients achieve over 500 people viewing their digital newsletter a month!

We print over 4 million newsletters/year

Being the leaders in physical therapy marketing and physical therapy newsletters, means you get our experience and bulk discount rates. This enables you to have the highest quality print newsletter at volume pricing.

Mailing list cleaned and updated every month

Reaching the right audience and having the cleanest mailing list, is vital to a successful direct mail campaign. We clean your mailing list against the NCOA database with the post office to ensure the best possible delivery.

Free shipping on overs to use in the clinic

Direct mail is just one way of using your patient newsletters. Another important use to increase word of mouth referrals, is to give every current patient your print newsletter to take home. In addition, drop your print patient newsletter off at physician offices, and other referral sources

Dedicated Account Manager and Monthly Support

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