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Being consistent across social media can generate a lot of buzz about your practice. Our system and services make it easy to post across major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, all from one convenient app. We also help you with 8 social posts per month, making it easy to build followers and keep in front of them with great content.

Social Media Marketing Center

  • Easily access and post to all social media channels in one place
  • Collects all mentions of your clinic from all social channels
  • Easy to use smartphone phone app
  • Schedule out social posts for anyday and time
  • Social media calendar built in
  • Social marketing analytics

Social Media Mentions

  • Discover who is talking about your practice
  • Tracks and analyzes social media keywords that people are discussing in your area
  • Dive deep into data to improve your social media messages

Compare to Competitors

  • Discover your performance compared to local competitors
  • Gives you visual representation of data on social activity on set keywords compared to local competitors
  • Gives you insightful data to adjust your social media marketing strategy for the most engagement

Twitter Leads System

  • System targets conversations on Twitter in a geographic fence around your clinic locations from 5-25 mile radius
  • Discover hot leads talking about their back, neck, knee or shoulder pain
  • Our team reaches out to invite to specific educational pages on your website and invite to connect with you
Assistance with setting up branded social media pages

Create a seamless brand across all your social media channels. We help you with updated Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn visuals to coordinate seamlessly with your new website

Assistance setting up custom audiences on Facebook

Our team helps you with setting up your past and current patient Facebook audience. This ensures you have the opportunity to boost key blog and social posts to your most important audiences

8 Therapy specific posts generated each month

Our team creates a whole month’s social posts of interesting blogs and articles to share with your audience. Combined with your own individual clinic posts, create a wow factor with your social media followers

Done-for-you PT Blog Posting

  • Awesome PT content filled blogs to share with your audiences
  • Automates with RSS feed to send to your patient email list, keeping them engaged with rich content articles
  • Easily share with multiple social media channels for maximum reach
  • Easily update and create your own blog content
  • Updated twice monthly on your website

Easily share and promote on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Topics centered around hot button conditions

Edit and customize anytime

Easily share in email campaigns with automated RSS feed

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