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31 Jan, 2018

How to Create Local Facebook Ads to Grow Physical Therapy

Let’s cover a social media marketing basic – how to create Facebook ads. Whether you’re already running ads for your practice or looking to get started, we’ll take you through the 3 simple ingredients to social success. We’ve also included a Step-by-Step Video at the bottom to show you the menus and options. The 3

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24 Jan, 2018

Targeting New and Repeat PT Patients on Facebook – With No Marketing Experience

Facebook Audience Targeting may sound like a highly technical social marketing skill – because it can be. However, it can also be the key to unlocking your social media success. Every time your ad gets shown to someone in another state or someone who has little-to-no knowledge of physical wellness your money is being wasted.

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11 Jan, 2018

2018 Social Media Trends Your PT Practice Can Actually Use

Do you see other businesses using Facebook and social media, only to wonder how can I use it for my practice? There are at least a thousand articles out now on 2018 social media trends. Many are very accurate predictions and written by industry-leading social media advertising experts such as Social Media Examiner. That said,

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27 Dec, 2017

4 PT Marketing Campaigns That Will Boom Your Returning Patients This Year

2018 is upon us and practice owners everywhere are looking to and budgeting for the future. It’s time to set your vision of what your practice will look like by the end of 2018. Will you have grown 20, 30, or over 50%? Having the right new year marketing campaigns can help you blow your

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18 Dec, 2017

4 Ways to Get More Patients to Read Your Practice’s Digital Newsletters

Each patient is unique—their condition, recovery, and attitude can vary drastically from one appointment to another. Similarly, each patient has their own expectations and responds differently to various types of marketing. For some, a monthly printed newsletter in their mailbox can capture their attention and prompt them to call for an appointment. Others prefer a

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23 Oct, 2017

How to Write Blogs Posts for Physical Therapy Practices

Most PTs and practice owners will readily admit that they are not copywriters. The idea of sitting down to write blog posts conjures memories of graduate school papers and final exams. But, today’s digital world is demanding content—it fuels your website, adds value to your marketing and promotes PT to patients. So, how can you

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11 Oct, 2017

Easy Online Holiday Marketing Ideas for PT Practices

The holiday season approaches faster each year (remember seeing pumpkins in the stores in August!). While we don’t love thinking about Christmas in July, it is always a good reminder to stay a few weeks ahead when planning for the holiday season. This is especially important for PT practices which often face a decrease in

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7 Sep, 2017

[Infographic] Best Times to Post on Social Media

Every marketer will tell you how important social presence is to your digital strategy. But coming up with new content every week, even every day, can be daunting. Orbit Media describes social media as an oar to your website’s boat. It takes constant rowing to gain momentum but, just like a rower, the more consistently

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28 Aug, 2017

5 Fall Social Media Content Ideas for PT Practices

Social media is often an underrated marketing program for PT practices. It can be challenging to track the results and how many patients are generated from platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, social media marketing is more than just a way to get new patients. It builds awareness and consideration for physical therapy, its benefits

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