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23 Oct, 2017

How to Write Blogs Posts for Physical Therapy Practices

Most PTs and practice owners will readily admit that they are not copywriters. The idea of sitting down to write blog posts conjures memories of graduate school papers and final exams. But, today’s digital world is demanding content—it fuels your website, adds value to your marketing and promotes PT to patients. So, how can you

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18 Oct, 2017

Top Website Homepage Design Ideas for PT Practices

Your website homepage is the digital front door of your PT practice. When a prospective patient first comes to your site, you want them to be impressed with your professional design and informative content. Additionally, you want to provide an experience that functions flawlessly across all devices. It takes a combination of both PT marketing

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13 Oct, 2017

Why Online Bill Pay Is Key For Physical Therapy Websites

Let’s face it, a clean, fresh website, enabled with Online Bill Pay, is critical for your Physical Therapy practice. Many potential clients will use your website as the only deciding factor to visit your practice. Your patients also need a positive experience from any device. They need to understand exactly what you do and how

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7 Sep, 2017

[Infographic] Best Times to Post on Social Media

Every marketer will tell you how important social presence is to your digital strategy. But coming up with new content every week, even every day, can be daunting. Orbit Media describes social media as an oar to your website’s boat. It takes constant rowing to gain momentum but, just like a rower, the more consistently

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30 Jun, 2017

4 Free Marketing Programs for PT Practices

Most practice owners and marketers work diligently to balance their marketing budget. Planning for costs, measuring results and adjusting accordingly is a valuable and essential part of PT marketing. With this mindset, many of us place a higher value on programs that generate the most patient visits. Programs like your monthly newsletter and physician referral

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6 Jun, 2017

3 Reasons Physical Therapy Practices Need Online Bill Pay

One of the biggest challenges for physical therapy practices is billing and collections. Most offices have at least one staff member fully dedicated to managing the payment process. They coordinate invoices, work with insurance companies and work with patients to establish payment plans. However, the process is often very manual and has dozens of steps

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11 Apr, 2017

[Video] Website Data and Metrics for PT Practices

Every practice owner knows that data and stats are a core component of managing your PT practice. All practices track patient visits, referrals, intakes, discharges etc. to monitor patient volumes and business growth. Then, you make key decisions based on the data. Are you seeing more patients month over month? It’s time to hire more

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5 Apr, 2017

Online Reputation Management Tools for PT Practices

Managing your physical therapy practice’s brand and reputation is the most important component of your public relations and marketing programs. You are the PT experts who provide professional services and treatments to patients. And, patients need to know that right away from your online presence. Prospective patients also want providers who are fun, kind and encouraging.

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14 Mar, 2017

Best Physical Therapy Websites for Private Practices

Most private practices have a website that describes their PT services, common conditions, and clinic history. But, does that website truly impress patients and physicians? With one click, you want online visitors to recognize your practice’s brand, understand its mission and services, and believe its expertise as the #1 clinic for care. To achieve this

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