How Emails Can Get More Patients into Physical Therapy

Marketing your PT practice through emails to past patients is one of the more complex programs to put in place. There is a delicate balance of content, messaging and frequency. You want to attract patients’ attention and encourage them to contact your practice. But, you don’t want to email them too much and risk getting unsubscribed from or marked as spam. Let’s see how you can send emails that generate appointments for physical therapy.

Keep the content relevant

When deciding on the content for your email, you want it to be relevant. Being too general will result in lower open rates and increase instances of spam. Opt for a theme that is seasonal or specific to a condition. For example, emails about preventing injuries when shoveling snow or how to reduce neck pain from sitting at a desk see higher open rates. You also want to try a couple different themes to see what works best for your practice. Monitor the analytics (open rate, click thru, spam) to learn what patients want to read.

Make the messaging interesting

You only have a few words to capture someone’s attention—especially when they are scrolling through their inbox. Subject lines are the most important part of your emails. You want patients to see your message and stop to open it. We recommend exploring a few subject line tactics like asking a question, adding personalization or emoji. Ok- now that might seem funny, but think about your own inbox. Have you received an email with a question- did it make you stop and think about the answer? Or, did the subject line say “Hey Neil”? Simple tactics can make a big difference when you only have a few characters.

Emoji in email are also being more common. Most people check their emails on their phone so a fun icon in the subject line really stands out. It is typically best to use general emoji that are easy to see and try to only use one or two per subject line. Monitoring how different subject line treatments impact analytics is key. You want to know what is working—getting more patients to open and click through the message. And, you should stop whatever doesn’t work well. Download our free guide for online and social media marketing best practices to attract more patients

Email smarter, not simply more often

The biggest mistake PT practices make is sending too many emails. The average person who works in an office receives 120+ emails a day (not including personal emails or retail emails). That is crazy competitive! You don’t want to get lost in the crowd by emailing fluffy content or boring messages. But, you don’t want to overdue it and feel like spamming or nagging the patient.

5 Best Practices for PT Emails

  1. Send no more than 1 email per week
  2. Take a couple weeks off every 2-3 months
  3. Remove people who unsubscribe/mark as spam immediately (or have a contact system that does this for you)
  4. Schedule your emails to send in afternoons and evenings to avoid competing with morning work and retail emails
  5. Always link your email to your website for easy conversion

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