Online Business Directories for PT Practices

Online business directories find your physical therapy practice online and identified as a local business. The best way to help your practice be searchable is to establish its presence on key websites and monitor its profile. Marketing your practice through an online directory is way a prospective patient can find your contact information. Also, it helps generate new appointments for PT. Below are some common business directories that you should have in your online marketing platforms.

Google Places

Google is the biggest search engine with the most online traffic. Therefore, you should have each clinic’s location identified on Google Places. Thus, anyone using Google Maps or searching for a physical therapy practice will see your locations in the map’s search results. Make sure to incorporate key contact information, good photos of your clinic, business hours, accepted insurances etc. Having this information readily available to users saves them time and effort and encourages them to contact your practice first.

Go to Google Places to add your practice to the business directory.


Yelp is popular online business directory and review website. By having your practice on Yelp, patients can easily post reviews about your practice online. Your patient care coordinator should be marketing your Yelp profile to existing patients who have seen great results. A positive review from a confirmed patient increases your practice’s appeal and credibility to online searchers. Additionally, many people look for positive reviews about a product or service before deciding to use or purchase it for themselves. By directing patients to add their testimonials to Yelp, you generate great endorsements that can attract other new patients.

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Yahoo Local Works and Bing

Yahoo and Bing still have almost 30% of the search engine market. Therefore, you need to register your practice as a business listing on both these search engines. Yahoo Local is the service that gets your physical therapy practice listed on Yahoo. For Bing Places, you need to sign up for an account and get your business registered. Follow the same marketing principles as with Google Places and include all key contact methods, photos, and practice information.

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