Online Reputation Management Tools for PT Practices

Managing your physical therapy practice’s brand and reputation is the most important component of your public relations and marketing programs. You are the PT experts who provide professional services and treatments to patients. And, patients need to know that right away from your online presence. Prospective patients also want providers who are fun, kind and encouraging. They need to trust that you are the right fit for their care.

What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management oversees what people are saying about your practice and monitors the results. Are people happy and leaving 5 star reviews with positive testimonials? Great! The program keeps you up to date when new reviews are posted. Then, you can add them to your marketing.

What if you do get a bad review? Then, the program will notify you and you can take steps to correct it. While we have to be realistic that not all reviews will be 5 stars, you do want to proactively manage your online reputation. See how our Platinum website package can protect your business and brand.

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