How to Write Social Media Posts for PT

Writing effective social media posts for your PT practice is different than posting personal updates to friends and family. Your business page and its content needs to align with your overall brand strategy and marketing. There are also key considerations and insights that can be gained from trying different messaging and content strategies within a single social media platform. Let’s look at the different types of posts for PT practices…

The first step to writing social media posts is to identity the post’s goal—do you want to create brand awareness, market a new service, feature or staff member, or advertise a specific promotion? Brand awareness can be either your practice’s brand or that of physical therapy in general. In many cases, viewers may be unfamiliar with the benefits of PT so informative content can help to educate them on its value (and encourage them to visit your clinic for care). Marketing content, such as services and practice news, helps to add personality to your brand. Add explanations to the services and fun updates for news content to increase engagement. Promotional posts need to be clear and pointed, without losing your brand voice or being too “sales” oriented. Keep the promotion short and easy to remember, and include appropriate imagery to get attention.

3 Examples of Social Media Posts

The typical social media audience responds best to posts with images, either uploaded photos or links with thumbnail images. When writing your posts, think about the intended goal—brand awareness, marketing, or promotion—and tailor your content to that goal. Some suggestions for posts are:

Brand awareness: share a consumer-friendly post or article from the APTA or MoveForwardPT, link to an article about PT from health or fitness sources (magazines, influencers, or celebrities), or link to any awards or recognition articles that your practice has received, such as those from the local news or community organizations.

Marketing: link to your practice website’s pages on different treatments and services that are relevant or seasonal. You can also create original posts with images to announce clinic updates. For example, in the winter, write a post about back pain from shoveling snow and link to your website’s page on back pain or write a post for golfers about getting back into the swing of spring and link to your shoulder rehab page. Original posts (those without linked content) are good for practice updates, such as announcing a new staff member (with a fun picture) or adding a new group exercise class.

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Promotions: follow this easy formula to write promotional posts that get viewers attention.

  • Start with a teaser sentence that keeps to your brand voice. “Time for spring cleaning! Get your house in shape without breaking your back”
  • Introduce the promotion clearly, starting with the big payoff. “Get 1 Free Massage with the purchase of 4 sessions”
  • Include any key specifics “Valid on session packages purchased in April.”
  • Close with the Call-to-Action “Call us today at 800-594-XXX to book your next massage”
  • Upload your promotional image (a stock photo of massage therapy with your promotion in a readable font) to stand out on newsfeeds.

Social media marketing might well be today’s modern newspaper ad (and it’s free!). Keep you posts aligned to a strategic goal, include relevant and interesting content, and monitor your insights and analytics to see what works best for your practice.

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