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24 Sep, 2015

Using Twitter for Social Media Marketing

When it comes to your practice’s social media, Facebook is often the first platform to be utilized. Most practice owners and marketers are most familiar with Facebook from personal use, thus making it an easy adoption for clinic marketing. However, Twitter can be a great sister platform that serves a somewhat different purpose and communicates

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18 Aug, 2015

PT Website Content Checklist

When it comes to planning your website, a well defined content strategy is essential. Our content checklist shows the value of quality over quantity and helps identify what pages your site needs to successfully market your clinic. Download our free guide for online and social media marketing best practices to attract more patients Check out

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25 Jul, 2015

Facebook Post Ideas for PT Clinics

Even the most seasoned social media marketers can struggle with finding new, engaging content to share on Facebook. It is also easy to fall into the routine of just posting versus sharing and actively communicating with your followers. Try to consider mixing up both your post type and content to keep your social media presence

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10 Jul, 2015

Using a Blog to Expand Your Digital Marketing

Did you know that over 40% of companies use a blog as a key marketing tool? Most importantly, prioritizing a company blog leads to a 13x increase in ROI from marketing. And that over 46% of people read at least one blog on a daily basis? (Source: http://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics) Just by reading this post, you too

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