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19 Apr, 2016

Twitter for PT Practices

Twitter is another social media platform that PT practices can use to share information and engage followers online. Marketing your practice on Twitter is similar to using Facebook, but with some key differences that can enhance your results. You want to understand how a Twitter account works and the type of content that is best suited

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11 Apr, 2016

Facebook and Social Media for PT Practices

Facebook can be an effective platform for marketing your PT practice on social media. Creating a business page for your practice and posting updates and content to Facebook is free and allows you to market your services to friends and followers. First, you have to attract and build a following of users who Like your

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11 Apr, 2016

YouTube Videos for PT Practices

Online video continues to grow into key marketing opportunity. More practices are creating YouTube channels with helpful videos that give visual examples of PT in action. You don’t need fancy equipment and a professional videographer to make a simple YouTube video for your practice. All you need to do is develop a list of a few

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8 Apr, 2016

Social Media for PT Practices

Social media for PT can be a powerful, effective, and often completely free marketing platform for your practice. By creating and maintaining active profiles for your clinic, you can communicate your practice’s mission, news, and updates to followers with literally the click of a button. Social media marketing for your business is quite different from

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19 Mar, 2016

How to Write Social Media Posts for PT

Writing effective social media posts for your PT practice is different than posting personal updates to friends and family. Your business page and its content needs to align with your overall brand strategy and marketing. There are also key considerations and insights that can be gained from trying different messaging and content strategies within a

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29 Jan, 2016

Instagram, Snapchat—What’s Next for Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is ever evolving, from new updates and features to entirely new platforms. For most PT practices, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends and manage your existing platforms. How do you know where to put your resources and time? What platform is giving you the best return on

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24 Sep, 2015

Using Twitter for Social Media Marketing

When it comes to your practice’s social media, Facebook is often the first platform to be utilized. Most practice owners and marketers are most familiar with Facebook from personal use, thus making it an easy adoption for clinic marketing. However, Twitter can be a great sister platform that serves a somewhat different purpose and communicates

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25 Jul, 2015

Facebook Post Ideas for PT Clinics

Even the most seasoned social media marketers can struggle with finding new, engaging content to share on Facebook. It is also easy to fall into the routine of just posting versus sharing and actively communicating with your followers. Try to consider mixing up both your post type and content to keep your social media presence

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19 May, 2015

6 Facebook Marketing Tips for Physical Therapy Practices

Facebook is the Google of social media—it is the most commonly used social media platform in the world with an average of over 1 billion monthly users per this recent study. Major companies have dedicated teams devoted to managing their company’s Facebook accounts. As a PT practice owner, you can search “Facebook marketing tips” and

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