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18 Aug, 2015

PT Website Content Checklist

When it comes to planning your website, a well defined content strategy is essential. Our content checklist shows the value of quality over quantity and helps identify what pages your site needs to successfully market your clinic. Download our free guide for online and social media marketing best practices to attract more patients Check out

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17 Aug, 2015

Website Content for PT Clinics

Our post, The Best Pages for Physical Therapy Websites, described that pages that your website needs to be a viable component of your digital marketing. From the About Us page to Contact Us, those pages are essential in attract new patients to your clinic. But, your website also needs to have informative and educational content

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10 Aug, 2015

The Best Pages for Physical Therapy Websites

When it comes to creating or revamping your PT practice’s website, many owners wonder what content is relevant or important. Some are concerned about the sustainability of that content—how often would you need to update it, is it applicable year round etc. There are pages that your website needs as a baseline, those recommended by digital marketing best

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