Web Hosting Services for PT Practices

Web hosting is the servers and systems that store your website’s files. These files contain the code and components, such as text and images, that make up your website. Your website’s hosting services allow users to access them via the Internet. How and where you host your physical therapy practice’s website will dictate how other computers and web browsers interpret it. Have you visited a website and noticed pop ups, such as “this is not a trusted site”, appear on your screen? What if a physician or potential patient visited your website and saw a warning pop up? It is likely that they will never visit your website. Also, you probably have lost a new patient. This example is exactly why you should go with a reputable web hosting provider and not a cheap bargain.

Good hosting keeps your website running

A website that goes down and cannot be viewed indicates poor hosting services and technical instability. Therefore, no one can access it to find out information about your practice or make appointments. A website hosted on an unreliable server with frequent outages can cost you thousands in missed patient conversions.

At Practice Promotions, our hosting services have multiple data centers and servers that host your website and guarantee a 99.9% always on time. By taking proactive measures, we ensure website browsers and computers view your website as a trusted site. Our services use the latest technology, security certificates, and protocols to optimize quality. You can be confident that new patients and referral sources can safely and easily visit your site.

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