Website Content for PT Clinics

Our post, The Best Pages for Physical Therapy Websites, described that pages that your website needs to be a viable component of your digital marketing. From the About Us page to Contact Us, those pages are essential in attract new patients to your clinic.

But, your website also needs to have informative and educational content that conveys your expertise as a physical therapy provider. This content showcases your services, specialties, and achievements–differentiating your practice from its competitors. The content for these pages goes beyond the text and needs to include relevant imagery that encourages a patient to come see you for PT. Let’s looks at the must have content for your practice’s website:

Key Website Content

Services Pages: go into detail about your services. Explain what low back pain is, show a picture of someone receiving treatment for low back pain, and tell the viewer how you can treat their low back pain with PT. 4-8 pages on your services is key to building SEO (search engine optimization) and to being informative.

  • Sample services pages:
    • Back Pain
    • Knee Pain
    • Shoulder Pain
    • Sports Rehabilitation
    • Neck Pain
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Aquatic Therapy

Patient Forms: allow patients to download and fill out forms prior to coming to PT. Many patients, especially young professionals and busy parents, like to eliminate their waiting time and can complete their forms at home.

Accepted Insurances and Direct Access: provide a list of the insurances you except and your direct access policies. Emphasis that patients should call your office to confirm their insurance just in case. You don’t want someone to be out of network and have them book an appointment.

Patient Testimonials and Reviews: post your best testimonials and reviews to your site. Include photos of the patient and their PT to show “real people” getting results.

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These pages have content that explains your physical therapy services and encourages a viewer to make an appointment. The patient forms and insurance information simplify the booking process and provide transparency for your patients. Reviews help to qualify your skills and the results your patients achieve.

Our posts focus on a lot of Do’s, but some Don’ts can help ensure your website performs at its best. Below are some high-level best practices for your content:

Web Content Don’ts

  • Pages with <500 words. If you cannot write two paragraphs about the service, then it should not be featured on your website. 500 words is the SEO minimum and anything less does not present you as the expert.
  • Photo galleries: people want to see pictures of your clinic, but only a handful. Include professional photos of the clinic on your About Us, Services, Forms, and Insurance pages.
  • Pages that simple link to other digital media. Encouraging people to follow your social media or leave a Google review is definitely a marketing best practice, but make those links icons in your header or sidebar. A click through to another click is not a good user experience.

Creating a top-notch physical therapy website goes beyond an attractive design. PT websites that truly generate results (AKA: more patients!) for the clinic have the right balance of quality content, engaging imagery, intuitive user interfaces, and practical execution. Our team has built over a dozen successful physical therapy websites for clients and knows what your site needs to succeed. Call us today for more information!

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