Website Marketing to Increase Doctor Referrals

When creating your physical therapy practice’s website, the primary audience in mind should most definitely be patients. Patients visit your site for information and decide whether they want to see you for PT based on your content. Doctors or their office staff also use your website as a tool to decide whether to refer patients to you. Thus, you should consider doctors as a secondary audience and tailor your website marketing to their needs.

Best Practices for Website Marketing to Doctors

What do doctors value most when visiting a PT clinic’s website? First, they expect to see a well-designed website that functions flawlessly. A mobile-optimized and responsive website helps many doctors as they often use a smartphone or tablet device when moving between appointments. Doctors also appreciate clearly labeled navigation—use a direct menu label like “For Physicians” to identify physician content.

Doctors like to be able to quickly determine if you practice provides the right type of therapy for their patient. Including a list of your services with links to the corresponding pages give both the high level overview and detailed descriptions that doctors need before referring patients. The content on these services pages, though tailored to patients, should convey expertise and authority on the treatment provided.

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In addition to the doctor, the office’s staff may visit your website to help coordinate referrals. The staff benefits most from being able to accomplish tasks online versus having to call your office. A web form can be a great tool to allow offices to submit a referral request online. Include fields for the patient’s name and telephone number, the doctor’s name and telephone number, and a write in field for specifics or notes. Send this form to an inbox that is regularly checked, such as the front desk or referral coordinator. Staff should prepare a listing of available appointments and call the patient right away to get them scheduled for PT. Remember to call the office back to thank them for the referral and get any additional information for intake.

Lastly, a list of insurances that you accept and whether you take cash can be helpful for doctors and their staff. Patients have a much better experience if they know in advance whether your office accepts their insurance. We recommend always including a disclaimer “Insurance plans accepted are subject to change. Please call our office to confirm your plans acceptance,” just in case.

When we design a PT website, our team looks at the full range of uses and benefits for patients, doctors, and the public. Call our team today to get a free website review and to learn how your website marketing can start bringing in more revenue to your practice!

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